Business Planning

Solalta Advisors can work with your company to direct and facilitate strategic planning projects.  This may include:
• Development of technical summaries
• Development of financial and project plans
• Development of human resource plans
• Writing integrated business plans
• Developing internal understanding of strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities

Business Development

Solalta Advisors can assist your company in its business development.  This may include:
• Developing and delivering investor presentations
• Developing proposals for financing projects or companies
• Assisting in presentation to potential funders
• Identifying potential technologies or products for acquistion or licensing
• Preparing technologies for out-licensing or partnering

Company Management

Solalta can provide interim management services for clients that are seeking financing or clients that need high level operational expertise on short notice.  This may include:
• Interim senior management CEO, COO, Business Development, etc.
• Contract Business Development
• Board level representation
• Development and implementation of strategic plans

Company Formation

Solalta Advisors can co-found companies with scientists, working with them in a team and on their behalf to assess and commercialize their research.